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A special Auto Week issue this past week had incredible features covering the wounded military vets and how they are coping with lost limbs and driving


in San Antonio near Brooke Army Medical Center, Automotivation is a program that helps restore the spirits and skills of wounded American military members by getting them back into the garage and into an environment where they can reconnect with their automotive passions.

Created in 2006 by founder Janis Roznowski and her team at Operation Comfort, a nonprofit group that supports wounded military members,  retired Army Sgt. Chris Leverkuhn runs the program and knows about cars, pain and healing. An avid wrench-turner as a teen Indiana, he joined the Army in 2003 and deployed to Iraq. In 2004, he was hit by a roadside bomb while driving a fuel truck and became one of the war's early amputees, losing his right leg below the knee while sustaining multiple burns. 

This year, the program was forced to move unexpectedly from its previous donated shop. The group hopes to find a permanent home in a former General Motors warehouse in San Antonio if the funds can be raised to purchase the building and equipment donations are secured. The National Auto Body Council (NABC) has stepped up to lead the fundraising drive within the automotive industry. Sherwin-Williams has joined to help with the shop layout.

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Operation Comfort was started by Janis Roznowski, an American Airlines flight attendant who was part of a team transporting soldiers to and from the Middle East. Janis says, "Having had the great experience of being in the presence of some of the bravest men and women I have eve met, makes me realize that we can never do enough for them. I believe that our military men and women are truly our nation’s National Treasure. Now that they are wounded, we must do what we can for them."

All of Keselowski's passengers had been instructed to clap their hands and say their names, to help with the editing of the in-car video that they'd get a copy of.
“Clap your hands and say your name loud, and we'll get going!” Keselowski said.
A brief pause. “I, uh, only have one hand,” Galloway said. Immediately, a crewman and Keselowski both held a hand up for Galloway to clap, and they were off for a 180-mph ride.
Galloway, an Army sergeant, was in Iraq on his second tour of duty in 2005. In the southern part of Baghdad, his Humvee ran over a trip wire, and an explosive device sent the Humvee into a canal, on its side, with Galloway unconscious. He lost his left arm and his left leg.
But on this weekend, Galloway and a half-dozen other wounded warriors not only got a ride around Talladega with Keselowski or Dodge teammate Parker Kligerman, they were at the track for the race, hosted like VIPs. “Instead of celebrating and having fun, he's back here on Monday to be with us,” Galloway said. “It's hard to express how much we appreciate that.”
Families were included, and those getting the ride around the track included one other person each wounded vet selected.
Race 2 Recovery is funded by Keselowski's Checkered Flag Foundation, which he started in 2010. It is dedicated largely to helping former military members in need. The program carries two Penske Dodges, outfitted with the latest speed and safety equipment, to give rides to wounded warriors selected by area Veterans Affairs offices. There are donors, and Penske Racing supplied the cars, but a lot of the funding comes out of Keselowski's pocket.
Besides Talladega, the Race 2 Recovery program hosts veterans for three-day programs at Michigan, Charlotte, Richmond and, in August, at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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I'm renewing my subscription (that I just started to see if I'd like this magazine, and I do!) because they ran this special issue with these two articles, plus a couple others. Nuf said?

CNN did a story about the Race 2 Recovery program that Keselowski has, and with more info...

his foundation, run by former Navy Lt. Andrea Ross, work with local Veterans Affairs hospitals to bring vets and their families to the track for a VIP experience.
Hospital staff recommends the honorees -- many amputees or in wheelchairs -- as either deserving of special praise or being in need of a morale boost.
"A lot of our honorees haven't been out of the house in quite some time. So it's a great way to get them out and get them on their feet," Keselowski says.
The highlight of the program happens after the race's final lap. When the grandstands empty out and race crews have headed home, Keselowski gets back behind the wheel for an extra day to give his honorees a once-in-a-lifetime experience -- a high-speed joy ride around the track.
He gets help from his Penske Racing teammate Parker Kligerman. Kligerman drives a second car for honorees' family members who also might feel the need for speed.
"I hope they take a glimpse of what we do but almost at the same time a glimpse of getting away from some tumultuous experience they've had as a veteran of war," Kligerman says. "And hopefully racing is something that they can become a fan of through this experience and have something to look forward to week in and week out."


Brad Keselowski’s Checkered Flag Foundation was incorporated in late July of 2010 and received its 501(c)(3) status a few short months later. The Foundation strives to support those individuals who have sacrificed greatly for America, including military members, veterans, first-responders and their families, among others.

 Since its inception, CFF has hosted or participated in events with the Wounded Warrior Project, the Armed Forces Foundation, The Paralyzed Veterans of America, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the Detroit F.I.R.E. benefit team and the federal Veterans Administration. 

We will continue to aggressively seek out organizations and individuals who support America’s heroes and recognize them and their families for the sacrifices they’ve made through grants, special events and more. For more information, or to volunteer to help the CFF at events, please send a detailed e-mail info@checkeredflagfoundation.org expressing your needs or interests.

If you know of a story that needs some additional word spread to let people know, like these two, send it my way jbohjkl@yahoo.com . If you know of a program, association, club, or business that helps out the US military vets that didn't come back from the war with all the body parts that they brought to it... I want to let the other readers know about these good people, programs, etc etc. So email me about them too! jbohjkl@yahoo.com

The Briggs Cunningham 1960 Le Mans Corvette #1 has been found, and will be displayed at this months Corvettes at Carlisle

Le Mans, June 1960: The Cunningham Corvettes
 of Cunningham/Kimberly (#1),
 Thompson/Windridge (#2),
 and Fitch/Grossman(#3)

#2 is now owned by Bruce Meyers, #3 is owned by Lance Miller

you might remember the gallery I just posted of the number 2, http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2012/05/one-of-3-corvettes-of-briggs.html

Why is this news? Kevin Mackay has been searching for years, and had it tracked to Florida in 1974, and that was the last anyone had info about it.

It turned up in a warehouse with cars and furniture, in Florida, and covered in dust, which is how we're told it will be displayed at Carlisle.

"was found sitting in the middle of one of two warehouses in Florida that were filled with cars, parts and furniture. Decades earlier, the car had been rescued from a Florida scrap yard by the warehouse owner's father.
When discovered, the Corvette was covered in dust--a real “barn find.” The new owner plans to display the car in this condition at the Carlisle event, Berman says, before launching the restoration"
top image from http://www.themaseraticlub.com/Kimberly.html
bottom image from http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120731/CARNEWS/12073995

for everything you could want to know about these Cunningham Corvettes: http://www.sportscardigest.com/le-mans-corvette-1960-car-profile/5/

I just learned where cool race cars go to win Concours and hang out in a museum I've never heard of before, but I've seen some of their cars before! Canepa Motorsports Museum near Santa Cruz

there are 25 cars and 10 motorcycles,

 and so far they've won the following 7 first place trophies in just the last 2 years

 1972 Porsche 917-10 – Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster – Palo Alto Concours
 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing – Hillsborough Concours
 1969 Porsche 917-K – Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance 
1967 Cobra 427 – Beverly Hills Concours
 1970 Lola T70 Mk3B Can Am – Hillsborough Concours
 1983 Lancia LC2 Prototype – San Francisco Presidio Concours

for the website tour http://www.canepa.com/collection/tour.html

Bruce Canepa'd first car was a 29 Model A, and he's raced IMSA and Trans Am circuits, and the Daytona 24 hours with Bobby Rahal and Rick Mears. He also has had a huge success at Pikes Peak, setting the course record in 2000 and 2001, and ran a race truck up in 2002 setting a tandem axle record of 13:57, breaking the previous 13:59... and he still holds the record now.

Good video!

How does your speed affect your MPG? Quick easy test described here

Find a flat straight long stretch of highway, because you don't want any deviation in your cars speed.

Drive in one direction at 55 mph, then return to your start location by the other side of the highway at 65

repeat at 75 going and 85 coming back (as long as you are aware that both of these are going to attract a speeding ticket that is ridiculously expensive) if that is the normal traffic speed there (like it is here in San Diego to Los Angeles and to Las Vegas)

While doing this, wait until you get to the speed, then turn on cruise control, and zero the MPG counter

Write down what the result is after 5 or 10 miles, and after doing this at each speed you are likely to be driving at for long periods of time, you;ll know whether or not you can save a time or money by driving faster or slower based on the difference in MPG

For example, if driving at 55 gets you 35 mpg, and driving at 65 gets you 35 mpg.. you might as well drive faster and save time.

If driving at 70 or 75 gets you 38 mpg and driving at 65 gets you 40 mpg... you might consider that the difference of how much you'll pay in gas at 75 isn't very much more than you'll pay at 65, and for hundreds of miles, you'll cut an hour or two off your trip. It's going to take some math to figure out specifics... but I figure this is a good way to see what is best for your time is money, but gas is expensive long trip drives.

Disneyland has steam locomotives, some built for the park, and an 1894 engine from a Louisianna sugar plantation

The video is narrated by the above experts, and below is the Fred Gurley, the 1894 plantation train
there are 5 in the Disneyland park,

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Street racing near Seattle, now on a National Geographic Channel tv show "Street Heat: High Speed Justice"

from the press release: This one-hour special takes viewers to the streets of Kent, Washington, where nighttime street racing is a way of life-and a zero-tolerance crime.
 Every summer weekend, hundreds of street racers unleash their souped-up rides on Kent's notorious street racing scene, turning the city into a high-octane playground where one false move could result in tragedy. 
And every weekend, an elite task force of law enforcement has just one mission-to stop the racers in their tracks. Using their own high-performance vehicles to even the playing field, it's a battle for the streets as officer’s chases racers down side roads, main thoroughfares, and through warehouse lots trying to keep one step ahead. But with speeds topping 120 miles an hour, the stakes are high-and this cat-and-mouse game can turn deadly.

Street Heat: High Speed Justice
Premieres Fri, 31 Aug at 11:00pm  on National Geographic Channel

Some lucky guy bought a Camaro from Nickey Chevorolet back in '68... luck-e guy!

in the 60's Nickey Chevrolet was a legend. I mean among the many Chevrolet dealerships you could go to fro crazy horsepower drag racing Camaros, they stood out. There was Baldwin Motion, Yenko, Gibb, Thomas, and Nickey... I think that about covers the legends in Chevy dealerships... did I miss any?

Photo from the Nickey Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nickey-Chicago/90454798582 it's mostly the new Camaros (they are in business to sell cars, not to reminisce... that's what I do)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

the Simeone musuem in Philliadelphia, it's car collection theme is "The Spirit of Competition", a most remarkable group of winning race cars

the Simeone Foundation exhibition is a personal collection of about 60 of the most significant racing sports cars, driven by Dr. Fred Simeone’s singular vision of how the collection should be arranged. The central theme of the Simeone Foundation collection is “The Spirit of Competition.”

The cars are displayed in dioramas representing the famous race courses where the cars actually competed — such as Watkins Glen, Bonneville, Sebring, the Mille Miglia and Le Mans — so you can relive history while you peruse the collection.

Significant cars in the collection include the “Hippie” Porsche 917 (named for its psychedelic paint scheme), a 1958 Aston Martin DBR1 that Stirling Moss drove to victory, a Cobra Daytona Coupe that had been lost for 30 years until Simeone helped in its recovery, a Le Mans-winning Bugatti, a 1938 Alfa Romeo, winner of the Mille Miglia, a 1963 Grand Sport Corvette, and a 1921 Duesenburg French GP, one of 3 entered in the Le Mans of 1921

His collection includes a Mercedes found after World War II that had been hidden from Nazis in a barn, then left behind after the owners fled. Other cars include a 1916 Stutz Bearcat, a 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS, a 1950 Allard J2 raced at Watkins Glen, a 1954 Austin-Healey 100-4 used in speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats and two Ferraris raced at Le Mans, the 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is one. 

Musclecars include a Plymouth Superbird, Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda, Shelby G.T.500KR and Hurst/Olds with 455 power... plus 2 Boss 429 mustangs

photos are from a good slide shows at
 and https://plus.google.com/109349481461151627087/about?hl=en
and http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/american-muscle-exhibit-at-the-simeone-automotive-museum?slide=blank-3#main
and http://www.supercars.net/Pics?viewPic=y&source=carGal&carID=2706&pgID=1&pID=488108

Star Wars art I learned about at Comic Con

 a certain minimalist theme in the above is very appealing to me.
Below, a humorist view of the possibility that the places in the Star Wars movies could be imagined to be the focus of tourist vacation advertising

 and below with a propaganda theme

all of these are only a small sample of the art available for purchase from http://www.acmearchivesdirect.com/

Web2Carz.com Tim Healey gets writing about things you should consider when buying a new car

Useless dealership upsells http://www.web2carz.com/autos/buying-and-selling/1241/useless-upsells

best first cars if you're ready to consider your first buy http://www.web2carz.com/autos/buying-and-selling/1241/useless-upsells but it isn't quite a comparison, more a general feeling about these cars

A wish list for car improvements  http://www.web2carz.com/autos/everything-else/1190/an-automotive-wish-list

Making salient points car features that give him pet peeves http://www.web2carz.com/autos/buying-and-selling/1234/giving-in-to-hate

Tim Healey : http://www.web2carz.com/team#timhealey

And Steve Karras is writing about car collectors and car show organizers



The Dark Night Batman Tumbler cycle gif

found on some Tumblr site... 

5 highest priced flops, super expensive cars that failed to deliver, Rob Sass nails it in his article on Hagerty newsletter

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Be careful, be smart, don't back out of a parking spot. Back into it, and drive out of it to be able to see traffic and prevent collisions like this one

carguychronicles.com has a good variety of cool stuff!

 Above, the  2563 cu in Packard - Bentley
Below, the 2807 cu in BMW Brutus
Both were in the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in Cheshire, UK from June 15 to 17 www.cpop.co.uk
from http://www.carguychronicles.com/2012/03/packard-bentley-2563-cubic-inch-flame.html

this '74 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is in the 7's http://www.carguychronicles.com/2011/10/rolls-royce-rocket-seven-second-crewes.html

Above, Mean Green Volvo Hybrid beat the Ferrari to the finish line


this GT40 mkII with a Holman Moody 427 was ordered by Shelby American, placed 2nd in the 12 hour Sebring in 66, DNF'd at LeMans and was driven by Mark Donohue in both. It then went on the show circuit, before getting stored at Holman Moody until '70 when it went to the Indy Speedway Museum. Effectively, it's been raced hard and put away, without being street driven, ever. http://www.carguychronicles.com/2012/05/ford-gt40-mark-ii-like-new-hardly.html

Baldwin Motion Phase 3 73 Camaro... M22 and Hone OD, with 5.13 gearshttp://www.carguychronicles.com/2012/02/motion-phase-iii-454-camaro-zlx-street.html

Epitome of sleeper, a Biscayne. The Baldwin Motion Street Racer's Special 427 Biscayne to be precise
11 to 1 427, http://www.carguychronicles.com/2011/09/chevy-427-biscayne-street-racers.html

Miss America VIII, and it's twin Harry Miller V16's. Just 1113 cu in apiece. They were supercharged when installed to set unlimited water speed records in 1933. About 1800 hp each.

the Hagerty magazine Fall 2012 issue has a 6 page write up about it


ain't that a cool variety? Hell yes. http://www.carguychronicles.com