Saturday, August 25, 2012

cost to drive, versus performance... an infographic making car comparisons much easier to decide

comparing over 60 cars on the market by price, cost per mile and performance.

 We wanted to visualise the differences and explore whether some of the most desirable cars had cheaper and better performing competitors.

 We found:
 Although in terms of performance, the BMW 3 Series 2L and the Aston Martin Virage Volante 6L are evenly-matched, the Aston Martin has over twice the cost per mile, and costs over five times as much.
 · You’d be a fool to opt for the Jaguar XK Portfolio, when the same price could get you a Nissan GT-R. It is nearly twice as powerful, but with the same cost per mile.
 · Only two very powerful cars had a low cost per mile. The 918 Spyder V8 and the Tesla Roadster 2.5. At a fraction of the price of the Spyder, the Tesla is powerful, cheap to run, and you won’t need to remortgage your house.

 Click on it for the full size version of course

thanks to Brittany at Arena Media for the website

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