Saturday, August 11, 2012

Like steampunk? I just learned of a new movie, "The Mechanical Grave"

Brass guns, top hats, and goggles... right on.

Why am I posting about non vehicular movies? It's goofy fun gearhead maker stuff. Or, as Maria May Jespy-Worthing put it:


We are explorers moved a hundred years
That hail from times of steam and shiny cogs
Some of us wear a thousand useless gears
Or goggles, some sort of industr’ial togs
I must admit we do enjoy ourselves
Our worlds of tea and airship piracy
We must have Wells and Verne upon our shelves
To guide us through the darkest æther seas
Although we’re from a time that never was
We feel at home there as we never have
And you may scoff and giggle at our cause—
We know how much discovery can move.
So do not mock the steampunks if you’re wise—
We’ve rayguns and brass cybertronic eyes.

It might be a total hacker, but I still want to see it.

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