Saturday, August 4, 2012

Celebrating the barn finds and deploring the yard art of idiots that proclaim "I'm gonna fix it up someday, it's not for sale"

64 vette in a container

pace car 69 Camaro

R code 63 1/2 Galaxie

GTO Judge if you look close at the beltline, you'll see the unique stripes


GSX with the 455

 57 Fuelie convertible, guy was getting all the stuff to restore it when he died... wife sold it to a friend

 69 396 RS SS

1969 JL8 Z28

63 1/2 R code, factory dual quad that RJ Reynolds Tobacco bought and campaigned for 2 years.

70 440 6 pack shaker hood

 Barracuda, but maybe not the AAR the stripes indicate, or the hood is wrong

A real AAR Cuda, likely was stolen, striped, and dumped way out here in the woods

69 Coronet R/T.. the only R/T that did not have a model name on the outside of the car

 67 Meyers Manx abandoned for decades out in East Texas

63 split window

sweet GTO got flipped and left for dead.


 Road Runner
 factory 429 Country Squire in an airplane hanger


LS6 454 70 Chevelle with a factory 4 speed

 69 396 Camaro with a 4 speed

1957 Tbird. Rotting away in the loam.

 above, Road Runner left for dead in a gulch, looks like floods have buried it

where in contrast, this pile of cars was deliberately piled on the shore of Lake Michigan to create a erosion control dam/levy. Hard to comprehend that polluting the lake wasn't obvious by leaving old cars to leak oil, grease, rust, lead, solder, etc etc into the lake waters. I bet that junkyard cars were the cheapest solution a contractor could find, and the cheapest contract bid gets the job. I have photos of junkyard cars used to create a river shoreline somewhere in the archives

They're still out there

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