Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hot Rod magazine and Mackeys Hot Rod Shop in Huntington Beach Ca are trying to win a contest and raise cash for the Semper Fi Fund

So.. why am I telling you about it? You can use this link :    and vote for the van, and when it wins the contest, and gets sold on Ebay, the money goes to the Semper Fi Fund that assists recovering US Marines and their families while recovering from, or getting therapy for, debilitating loss of limbs, mobility, or other severe complications from roadside bombs, Al Queda bullets, rocket propelled grenades, etc etc and other rotten stuff that war inflicts on soldiers for the full story about the contest between magazines (you don't want a Porsche, El Camino, or Jeep winning, do you?) and for the shop that is doing the work, in case you like to help a little too (I bet pizza and beer are a great "Thank You" ) to vote for the van

That leaves Hot Rod. Our esteemed Publisher Jerry Pitt bought a 1968 Chevy van residing in Ohio from ebay, had it shipped to Mackey’s, and now you’re going to vote for it to win the competition. Build-up videos of the chaos, voting and more can be had at ebay, you know, that web site where great cars and parts are found that you never dreamed you wanted until you clicked onto them.

The van is only half-a-heap; anMackey’s has a concept, a plan, the expertise, a wad of money, and six weeks build time to make our readers proud and our competition wish they were working for the winning team.

The winning Hot Rod van and three losing projects will be on display in all their glory at the 2012 SEMA Show in November. And the best part comes after the hoopla when the proceeds from the sale of the van will be donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund so go to to vote for the van, and the Semper Fi Fund!

The van is currently in 3rd, and needs a lot of votes to beat the others
Once you vote the bar turns gray... so I guess to vote more than once I have to do more than hit refresh (of course I'm trying to cheat... aren't you? For the Marines? Hell yes and hoo rah!)

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