Monday, October 15, 2012

Not many people are good writers, and few good writers keep at it for 6 decades, here is Denise, who is prolific, insightful, and still writing in magazines and inline

This site deals with what to drive (I recently experienced the Bugatti Veyron); where to drive (some great roads I’ll tell you about); and how to drive (some tips and admonitions to make those despair-makers more like me and thee.) 

 I’ve been at both driving and writing a looong time. I got my first driver’s license in 1940. Some ten years later I was writing about, among other things, cars. Some of those other things will show up here, too. But mostly cars, trucks and a few motorcycles. Well, an airplane or two. Yes, and skis. But mostly cars.

So how did I (Justacarguy) find this? Well, I just started subscribing to Autoweek and read an article that she had published there (frequent columnist) that I find well thought out, well written, insightful, and with the wisdom and experience of a old woman writing about the change in driving for her personally, and women in general, especially focused comments on new girl drivers. (Oct 1st issue of Autoweek and also )

I'm not sexist by any measure, I am however, incredibly interested in enjoying the writing and perspective of people from very different lifestyles than my own, and the few autowriters that are female and write from the perspective of their age, experiences, and contrast in opportunities in the automotive hobby world can be listed on a very small piece of post it note. Denise is at the top of my list now, Shirley Muldowney has a regular column in a Hemmings magazine, Muscle Machines I'm pretty sure, (subscribed for years til their editors choice of "muscle machine" irritated me) 

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