Sunday, October 7, 2012

Want your pre 1980's car to have the right era license plate, if you are in California.. it's now possible. Law AB 1658 has passed and the DMV will stamp out the vintage plates as far back as the 1950's Yellow plate with black letters

For an extra $50, California car enthusiasts will soon be able to order vintage license plates, including the black plates with yellow lettering issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the 1960s, thanks to action taken by Gov. Jerry Brown.

 Among the hundreds of bills signed by the governor last week, AB 1658 is aimed at Californians who restore and drive vintage automobiles, as well as residents who are just nostalgic for the good old days.

 Other plates to be offered after Jan. 1 include those used in the 1950s, with a yellow background and black lettering, and those issued in the 1980s, with a blue background and yellow lettering.

 The DMV will only produce one of the designs once 7,500 applications have been received for that design statewide.

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