Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nothing but love

here's a personal message to http://thestreetsofdenver.blogspot.com/ who had stolen my photos of the Blastolene Indy Special, and wasn't able to read the post title, and called it Big Bertha.

So Lou, go eff yourself you punk. Stupid and lazy.

Stole my photos and disrespected the Blastolene Brothers by not getting the name of their Indy Special right, disrespecting your readers for not putting your best on your site for them, and having no respect for other photographers but labeling all your photos with "copyright streetsofdenver.com" thinking anyone will respect it when your site is full of images you haven't given a photo credit to the sources for

Sorry to you regular readers for dropping this stinker in the normal flow of cool stuff that is  sharing my passion for the auto world

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