Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the 3 beautiful women that surprised me because they are car enthusiasts. Rare in my opinion, I haven't met many women who appreciate the car at shows or races Cinla Gedikoglu (Turkish) facebook, where she posts a lot of really exquisite vintage cars is her website. (lower your speaker volume due tot he music) for her interviews, and potentially a wiki website about vintage cars

Now tell me this isn't unreal... Rachel in the same car as Christine. Yeah, I found both. I didn't take them
And I just met Rachel at the 2012 Speedfest, but noticed her at the Palos Verdes Concours, and when seeing her at Speedfest recognized the sunglasses and hairstyle (natch). Her speedfest gallery:
her website, with a great selection of her photography in a portfolio slideshow:
Rachel has the coolest business card, a photo of her at age 8 in her dad's Ferrari 

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